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Folkstreams Films About Heritage Fellows

Folkstreams is a web site dedicated to preserving folklore documentaries, offering a free video on-demand service. Among the films on the site are the following that feature National Heritage Fellows.

Alphonse “Bois Sec” Ardoin (1986) in Cajun Country and Dry Wood

Howard Armstrong (1990) in Louie Bluie

Dewey Balfa (1982) in Cajun Country, Cajun Visits, Homemade American Music, and Les Blues de Balfa

Sister Mildred Barker (1983) in The Shakers

Nicholas Benson (2007), son of John “Fud” Benson, the stone carver featured in Final Marks

Jerry Brown (1992) in Unbroken Tradition

Charles "Chuck" T. Campbell (2004) in Sacred Steel

John Cephas (1989) in Blues Houseparty

Jim "Texas Shorty" Chancellor (2010) in Texas Style and The Devil’s Box

Sidiki Conde (2007) in You Don’t Need Feet to Dance

Joseph Cormier (1984) in New England Fiddles and Masters of Traditional Music

Elizabeth Cotten (1985) in Homemade American Music

Hazel Dickens (2001) in Dreadful Memories

Michael Doucet (2005) in Cajun Country

Qi Shu Fang (2001) in Master Qi and the Monkey King

Conray Fontenot (1986) in Cajun Country, Cajun Visits, and Dry Wood

Johnny Gimble (1994) in Gimble’s Swing

Ray Hicks (1983) in Appalachian Journey

Stanley Hicks (1983) in Appalachian Journey and Talking Feet

John Dee Holeman (1988) in Appalachian Journey, Masters of Traditional Music, and Talking Feet

John Jackson (1986) in Blues Houseparty

Janie HUNTER (1984) in Dreams and Songs of the Noble Old

Tommy Jarrell (1982) in Appalachian Journey, Dreams and Songs of the Noble Old, and Homemade American Music

Leonardo "Flaco" Jiménez (2012) in Chulas Fronteras

Riley “B.B.” King (1991 ) in Give My Poor Heart Ease

Lily May Ledford (1985) in Homemade American Music

Kevin Locke (1990) in Masters of Traditional Music

Valerio Longoria (1986) in Masters of Traditional Music

Miguel "Mike" Manteo (1983) in It's One Family — Knock On Wood, 16mm and video, produced and directed by Tony De Nonno, De Nonno Productions, Brooklyn, New York, 1982

Narciso Martinez (1983) in Chulas Fronteras

Wallace McRae (1990) in Cowboy Poets

John Henry Mealing (1996) in Gandy Dancers

Lydia Mendoza (1982) in Chulas Fronteras

Bill Monroe (1982) in Bill Monroe: Father of Bluegrass Music

Alex Moore (1987) in Black on White, White and Black

Bua Xou Mua (1985) in Masters of Traditional Music and The Hmong: Cultural Preservation Through Music

Frank Newsome (2011) in Gone Away with a Friend, video, courtesy Virginia Folklife Program

Glenn Ohrlin (1985) in Why The Cowboy Sings

Jack Owens (1993), in Dreams and Songs of the Noble Old and The Land Where the Blues Began

Irvan Perez (1991) in Mosquitoes and High Water

Adam Popovich (1982) in The Popovich Brothers of South Chicago

Almeda Riddle (1983) in Almeda Riddle: Now Let’s Talk about Singing

Mike Seeger (2009) in Homemade American Music and Talking Feet(director)

Alex Stewart (1983) in Alex Stewart: Cooper

Saunders “Sonny” Terry (1982) in Sonny Terry: Shoutin’ the Blues and Sonny Terry: Whoopin’ the Blues

Joe Thompson (2007) in Alan Lomax’s Appalachian Journey

Nikitas Tsimouris (1991) in Every Island has its Own Songs: The Tsimouris Family of Tarpon Springs

Othar Turner (1992) in Gravel Springs Fife and Drum, Made in Mississippi: Black Folk Art and Crafts, and The Land Where the Blues Began

Cleofes Vigil (1984) in The Grand Generation

Nimrod Workman (1986) in The Grand Generation

Cornelius Wright, Jr. (1996) in Gandy Dancers