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Link to Yacub Addy
Yacub Addy
Artisan, Drum Maker, Drummer, Musician
Link to Michael Alpert
Michael Alpert
Klezmer, Musician, Scholar
Link to Henry Arquette
Henry Arquette
Link to Frisner Augustin
Frisner Augustin
Drummer, Musician
Link to Edward Babb
Edward Babb
Bandleader, Gospel, Musician, Trombonist
Link to Bao Mo-Li
Bao Mo-Li
Jing-erhu Player, Musician
Link to Charles "Chuck" T. Campbell
Charles "Chuck" T. Campbell
Guitarist, Musician, Sacred Steel
Link to Ng Sheung-Chi
Ng Sheung-Chi
Musician, Singer, Toissan muk'yu Folk Songs
Link to Jack Coen
Jack Coen
Flute Player, Musician
Link to Sidiki Conde
Sidiki Conde
Dancer, Drummer, Musician
Link to Elizabeth Cotten
Elizabeth Cotten
Blues, Guitarist, Musician, Songster, Songwriter
Link to João Oliveira dos Santos
João Oliveira dos Santos
Capoeira Angola, Dancer, Musician
Link to Rosa Elena Egipciaco
Rosa Elena Egipciaco
Artisan, Mundillo (Bobbin Lace) Maker
Link to Qi Shu Fang
Qi Shu Fang
Beijing Opera Performer, Musician
Link to Donny Golden
Donny Golden
Link to Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman
Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman
Musician, Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Spoken Word, Yiddish
Link to Juan Gutiérrez
Juan Gutiérrez
Drummer, Musician
Link to Periklis Halkias
Periklis Halkias
Clarinetist, Musician
Link to Joe Heaney
Joe Heaney
Musician, Singer
Link to Fatima Kuinova
Fatima Kuinova
Bukharan, Musician, Singer
Link to Liang-xing Tang
Liang-xing Tang
Musician, Pipa (lute) Player
Link to Frankie Manning
Frankie Manning
Dancer, Lindy Hop
Link to Miguel "Mike" Manteo
Miguel "Mike" Manteo
Artisan, Marionettist
Link to Amma D. McKen
Amma D. McKen
Musician, Singer, Yoruba Orisha
Link to Martin Mulvihill
Martin Mulvihill
Fiddler, Musician
Link to Kamala Lakshmi Narayanan
Kamala Lakshmi Narayanan
Bharatanatyam, Dancer
Link to Sue Yeon Park
Sue Yeon Park
Dancer, Korean, Musician
Link to Konstantinos Pilarinos
Konstantinos Pilarinos
Artisan, Wood Carver
Link to Jean Ritchie
Jean Ritchie
Bess Lomax Hawes Award, Musician, Songwriter
Link to Simon Shaheen
Simon Shaheen
Musician, Oud Player
Link to Howard "Sandman" Sims
Howard "Sandman" Sims
Dancer, Tap
Link to Andy Statman
Andy Statman
Clarinetist, Composer, Klezmer, Mandolin Player, Musician
Link to David Tarras
David Tarras
Clarinetist, Klezmer, Musician
Link to Sanders "Sonny" Terry
Sanders "Sonny" Terry
Blues, Harmonica, Musician
Link to Jelon Vieira
Jelon Vieira
Capoeira Angola, Musician